community art & living centre

where the focus of prevention assists in the creation of well-being

The community centre will be a place for women and their families to go, learn, grow and work on wellness together. This centre will house numerous classes, workshops, presentations, activities and events for seniors, home schoolers, youth, children with special needs and their parents, moms and tots, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, even the whole family…. something for everyone in the community. It is to be a community centre where wellness is viewed as fun, relaxing and nurturing without labels or stigma.


The Centre will have a homey atmosphere; all décor will have a feeling of warmth and comfort and far removed from anything institutional or commercial. There will be a large community room that will have big comfy couches, a faux fireplace, piano and throw blankets with the invitation to curl up and make one self comfortable.

There will be a library with wellness educational books and materials, a station for making support materials and a chef kitchen for cooking and nutrition classes. The kitchen will also be used for serving light refreshments and appetizers during events such as local art shows, musical presentations and other community events and activities.


There will also be space dedicated for children’s programs (including special needs) and a computer lab for learning and classes. There will be an art and music therapy room which will be for different groups within the community, painting, pottery, quilting and various other activities that promote a general appreciation of life.




Community Centres will also feature a peaceful solarium useful for meditation, yoga and gardening classes for the young and old. It will be a wonderful place to hold a book club, reading or poet’s corner.

A Community Wellness Centre is to provide the nucleus from where numerous activities, events and programs will be offered to both members of the community and the residents of the Community Shinah House. The Shinah House philosophy contends that by removing labels and accompanying stigma of mental illness programming will be more readily accepted in the community.

Specific program offerings in each community wellness centre will be designed and prioritized through a community consultation focus group process. Programs will be available and open to any interested community member.