community centre programs and services

for interpersonal support and recovery:

• One-on-one Counseling (Freelance)
• Therapy and technique classes
• Various Shinah support groups particular to the needs and demands of the community 
• Social worker (Freelance)
• Mentoring Programs
• Discussion Groups
• Relaxation Therapies
• Equestrian Therapy (Out sourced from Westwind Rodeo Academy)

to help achieve optimum nutrition and physical health:

• Nutrition and healthful eating classes and workshops
• Cooperative involvement in preparing meals to learn healthy cooking skills
• Cooking Classes to include special diets such as gluten, dairy or wheat free
• Co-operative purchasing of bulk organic and special diet foods EG. Rice milk or rice flour

to build fitness and promote stress reduction:

• Yoga classes
• Meditation classes
• Fitness consults and referrals

to build self-confidence and sense of connection with life:

• Gardening classes and workshops (herbs, vegetables, and flowers)
• Various Community Volunteer Programs (Food Bank, Elder Care, Mentoring)
• Variety of self reliant living classes, workshops and presentations
• Basic budgeting
• Debt management
• Planning to establish financial stability
• Investment club
• Finance presentations

for creative expression:

• Music therapy
• Writing therapy
• Art therapy
• Pottery
• Scrap booking and photography
• Sewing and quilting
• Interior decorating

for development of education skills:

• Thomas Jefferson home schooling forums, workshops and classes
• Access to the Shinah House library of classic literature
• Cursive writing and calligraphy classes
• Book club and group reading sessions
• Educational presentations

for continued wellness support:

• Volunteer opportunities
• Employment services
• Personal enrichment groups
• Inspirational speakers

children’s programs (special need, home school, youth and preschool):

• Parenting Support Classes and Workshops
• After school Child Care Program
• Sensory rooms, smart board
• Computer lab with educational games
• Social skills classes
• Presentations