shinah house ranch

a place in the country where the wellness journey begins…

The Shinah House Ranch is for women whose mental health is greatly affecting their overall wellness. Shinah House Ranch gives them a place where they can go to learn, be supported and grow in their wellness. When those living at the ranch gain control and confidence in themselves and their health they can choose to move back with their families or to a community Shinah House in order to continue their wellness studies at the Shinah House Community Centre.



The Shinah House Ranch provides a format where cognitive therapy, professional support, a nutritional program, physical activity and service opportunities are given in a structured setting that enables the individual to focus on their wellness in a safe and loving environment. The Shinah House Ranch will have the capacity for 10 women at any one time and it is anticipated that guests will stay for an average of six months, depending on the severity of their illness and success of recover.  They will take with them the tools to set boundaries, find self-esteem, eat appropriately, be faithful, and not only work for themselves and their families but mentor others one day who pass through the same walls.


The Shinah House Ranch program helps find ways to break the cycle of illness without the use of anti-psychotic and depressant drugs, Shinah House will work in conjunction with professional nutritionists, psychologists, medical doctors, cognitive therapy counselors and respected health practitioners offering a variety of individualized treatments and nutritional based programs. These will be used to assist and support healing, enabling and preparing participants to be healthy and well, capable of caring for themselves and their loved ones.

The road to recovery may leave the individual in a particularly vulnerable state.  Confronted with a healthy mind, and through clarity of their own weaknesses and shortcomings, and their inability to address these, may cause some to return to less healthy practices during this transitional period. This is a critical point of recovery and a time when supervision and support are critical. Successful recovery requires a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive environment where one can recover and then proceed to learn skills, experience growth, set boundaries and become well and capable.


Shinah House Ranches and Homes will be designed to address the cycle of illness at different points. Addressing needs in this manner allows participants to see their health in components and identify where in the overwhelming cycle they are residing, in order to perceive their next step toward recovery. The Ranch will give them access to the skills, support and insights that will help them maintain a healthy life on their own.


Guests at Shinah House Ranch may self-refer, be referred by a health care professional, or be referred by a government or community agency.  These guests will participate in an individualized treatment and recovery plan developed in cooperation with Shinah House staff and according to Shinah House protocols.

This housing program is designed to support women in their efforts to return home with the ability to care for themselves and their families. Women moving home will continue to have the support of the community centre and will also have the opportunity to volunteer within the organization.