As an organization, we are very proud of our foundation building efforts. We did not rush to get where we are today, we walked, listened and took the time to learn together. We made socially inclusive decisions as humans, honouring the First Peoples knowledge, culture and teachings. We as a foundation have been inclusive and diligent in creating a safe space for us to work together with respect and trust. We are being what we want to see more of in the world. We are grateful for Lethbridge Community Foundation, Beauvera, Joseph Ryder Estate and Sugar Bird Charity Foundation for their financial and in-kind support for Noh Koh Waa, Youth & Family Centre in bringing their children home. Over the past several years we have been participating in ceremony to help connect our hearts and visions. We have also as volunteers worked to initiate several community gatherings in order to build collaborative relationships between Community, Shinah House, Corporate Sponsors, Non-Profit Partners and Leaders throughout Alberta and Greater Western Canada, showing support. Shinah House estimates, over 50, 000 volunteer hours in its foundation building since 2007. In 2009 Shinah House met with the Blackfoot People in Moses Lake, as the late actor Jimmy Herman referred to as, “historical”.

2009—2012 ONEHEART Movement

Shinah House Foundation is home to ONEHEART; a not-for-profit gathering of people, working their way through Canada by empowering a message of wellbeing for all people and Nations, through inclusion. Many of us watch with concern what our world has become and the scope of what needs to happen to put our future back on track. It is difficult for one person to address, but together, we all make a difference. Youth created and developed many events and initiatives to support Social Inclusion for the communities of Kainai & Cardston area. Youth hosted over 30 Community events and created a 16-foot mosaic painted by children and youth unveiled on Main Street in Cardston. An Art and Living Centre was also open from 2010-2013. The Centre offered an after-school program, sustainability classes, including food medicine classes and special needs programming for elementary school children, which was later adopted by the local school board.


Participated in the Development of the Canadian Depression Research and Intervention Network and supported the National Lived Experience Community. This connected with communities across Canada and built relationships with Universities and Hospitals working on Mental Health research and intervention.


REDBONE Concert in response to Opioid Crisis for all the families who had lost loved ones and to give the Blood Tribe Departments an opportunity to share information with community members.

2017-2018 Children Are Our Sacred Bundle

Supported Kamotaan grassroots conference – “Children Are Our Sacred Bundle Conference” at Edmonton River Cree and Calgary Grey Eagle. Indigenous Wisdom Keepers gathered and shared ancient knowledge in support of raising healthy children. In attendance at each conference were over 300 front line workers, including teachers, foster parents, program developers, policy makers and community leaders.

2018 ONEHEART Experience Edmonton Remax Field

Leaders and Elders from across the western provinces gathered for a ceremonial healing change facilitated by Phillip Whiteman. We also had 3 Horse Medicine workshops to share with youth and community members in Alberta. Shinah House volunteered over 3500 hours in efforts of developing planning and managing this experience for attendees.

2018 Hosted the Restoring our Sacred Space Conference Calgary Grey Eagle With Mike Holmes

This was to help build relationships for future safe and sustainable building based on Indigenous values, and to help prepare for future development of homes and communities.

Special Recognition

Special recognition to
Sharon Unger, the Founder of Shinah House Foundation. She worked on many projects from 2007 – 2019 with an emphasis on the ONEHEART Project. We are grateful for the leadership she brought in helping to bring our communities together

Special recognition to Kaydence English (at 11 years old) created the current Shinah House Foundation Logo