Children are our Sacred Bundle Healing and Training Lodge

When we stand strong in unity, understand our past and present, we can create solutions for a brighter future together.

Children are our sacred bundle

The Children are Our Sacred Bundle Training and Healing Lodge offers comprehensive training programs for individuals interested in addressing issues of violence and addiction. The Training and Healing Lodge provides a supportive environment where participants can acquire the tools and knowledge needed to make a positive impact in their communities. Through a unique blend of cultural and clinical approaches, our training programs foster personal growth and professional development, focusing on cultivating a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Participants engage in experiential exercises, interactive workshops, and skill-building sessions that empower them to support others in overcoming these challenges. We believe in the transformative power of education, and we are committed to equipping individuals with the necessary skills and understanding to promote healing, resilience, and well-being in their respective roles as advocates, educators, and community leaders.

Red Path Facilitator Training

The Red Path Facilitator Training program equips participants with the necessary tools to address addiction, violence, and family reunification. In the Addictions Treatment Training program, individuals learn to tackle the underlying problems associated with addictive behaviors, while the Child & Youth Life Skills Training Program focuses on behaviors linked to substance misuse, violence, bullying, and gangs. By completing this comprehensive training, participants gain the expertise to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected, fostering healing, resilience, and healthier outcomes.

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Reiki Level 1 & 2

Discover the transformative world of Reiki through our comprehensive Levels 1 and 2 training programs. Level 1 introduces foundational principles and self-healing techniques, while Level 2 expands your abilities with sacred symbols, distance healing, and emotional healing. Immerse yourself in this ancient Japanese healing art and unlock your potential for personal growth, self-care, and the ability to offer healing energy to others.

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SIVA (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) is a holistic, relationship-based training model that effectively addresses challenging behaviors and complex needs. By fostering strong relationships and promoting safety, SIVA utilizes collaboration, goal-direction, self-management, and healthy empowerment. The philosophy and guiding principles of SIVA inspire problem-solving, decision-making, and systemic change in programs and families. Participants gain clear relationship-based support strategies to implement immediately, making SIVA a refreshing alternative to crisis-focused programs, emphasizing the transformative power of healthy relationships.

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Indigenous Competency Training

The Indigenous Competency Training program is a transformative journey towards cultural understanding and inclusivity. This training is designed to enhance your awareness, knowledge, and skills in engaging with Indigenous communities and individuals respectfully and effectively. Through interactive learning experiences and guided discussions, you will gain valuable insights into Indigenous history, cultures, protocols, and contemporary issues. By completing this training, you will develop the necessary competencies to build meaningful relationships, foster cultural competence, and contribute to reconciliation efforts.

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Parenting Training

Our Parenting Training Program, a comprehensive and empowering resource designed to support you on your journey as a parent. This program offers a wealth of knowledge, practical tools, and expert guidance to help you navigate the joys and challenges of raising children. Whether you’re a new parent or have years of experience, our training program covers a wide range of topics including child development, effective communication, positive discipline techniques, nurturing emotional well-being, and fostering a healthy parent-child relationship. Through engaging workshops, interactive discussions, and hands-on activities, you will gain valuable insights and skills to confidently navigate the rewarding adventure of parenthood. Join us in this enriching training program and unlock your potential as a nurturing and effective parent.

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Truth and Reconciliation Canada

Children are our Sacred Bundle falls in alignment with the following recommendations:

* Requiring that all child-welfare decision makers consider the impact of the residential school experience on children and their caregivers.

* We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to develop culturally appropriate parenting programs for Aboriginal families.

* We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to develop culturally appropriate early childhood education programs for Aboriginal families.

* We call upon the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to ensure that lawyers receive appropriate cultural competency training.