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ONEHEART is a not-for-profit gathering of people, working their way through Canada by spreading a positive message of wellbeing for all people and Nations. Our message is one of change about the way our society is approaching mental health and equality.

Though directed by Indigenous volunteers and friends with lived experiences, ONEHEART welcomes people of all races, cultures, abilities and ethnic backgrounds to join in the effort to spread our message of hope.

“Many of us have watched what our world is becoming with concern, but get overwhelmed with the scope of what needs to happen to put our future back on track. It is difficult for one person to address, but together, we can make a difference.”

Sharon Unger, President, Shinah House Foundation


Share Your Love


The first of its kind, the ONEHEART Experience is an opportunity to gather and share the importance of a circular perspective, nutrition and natural approaches for mental wellness. Your support will help evolve the stigmas and treatments around mental health and wellness. Together, we can make change happen.

Doors: 10:00 a.m.
Performances: Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Special Guests Include:

  • Northern Cree Drum Group: Watch Video
  • Blackfoot Confederacy: Watch Video
  • Cultural Consultants and Circular Holistic Wellness Model Facilitators Phillip Whiteman Jr. and Lynette Two Bulls
  • Guest Speaker, Professor Bonnie J Kaplan, PhD
  • Performance by Olivia Tailfeathers and the Grassland Singers
  • MC Michelle Thrush

Followed by Round Dance:

  • Round Dance MC: Earl Woods
  • Stickman: Brannon Raine

Inviting All Singers!

We have temporarily put ticket sales on hold. Please check back with us soon!


ONEHEART Alberta Project

The ONEHEART Alberta Social Inclusion Project is a multi-ethnic celebration of the social bridge-building contributions of community-minded citizens, artists, visionaries and other leaders toward a new spirit of understanding, appreciation and inclusion between the native and non-native populations, in support of holistic mental health care.

This amazing seven-year collaborative project was sponsored by Shinah House Foundation and the Blood Tribe, and funded by the Alberta Government Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, Canada Seniors Horizons Fund, Lethbridge Community Foundation, Cardston Kinsmen Club and many other local organizations, groups and community volunteers.

The ONEHEART Alberta Project has produced numerous artistic creations, including this historically-inspired mural found on Main Street in Cardston, Alberta, social awareness youth conferences, parade marches, pow wows, concerts, inclusive choirs, multi-cultural break-dancing, theatrical presentations and more. ONEHEART has been commended in parliament, and the youth-created mosaic was proudly showcased at the International Human Rights Conference.

Special thanks to the Youth of Blackfoot Territory, who were deeply engaged in developing the movement of ONEHEART in 2009. Their vision and efforts have been the inspiration behind the ONEHEART Community.

Thank you also to everyone who has volunteered over the years and helped bring the ONEHEART Experience this September 22nd forward.